Fast and first response on business cards for your success
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Fast and first response on business cards for your success

Today, there’s a small but highly effective QuickTip on the subject of business cards. It’s not about creating your own business cards, but rather about what to do when you receive one. Let’s call the topic „Responding to Business Cards“! This blog entry is meant to serve as input and not a complete tutorial.

The Situation

Wherever you are, exchanging business cards is a common practice. But what do you do with them afterward? Some people save the contact information digitally, while others keep them in a physical file. And then what? Often, nothing happens. There are a few people who call the new contact a few days later to establish a connection. However, calling business associates usually comes with the drawback that the other person might be busy with work. On the other hand, sending an email allows the recipient to view it at their convenience.

Sending an Email

Now, compose a short but interesting email. You can even create an email template for this purpose.

Possible Email #1

Subject: Hello from XYZ Meeting at ABC on
Message: Hi [recipient’s name], it was a pleasure to meet you at the XYZ Meeting in ABC. I’m available to assist you with [insert your service/occupation here]. Best regards, [Your Name]

The salutation and content should, of course, be tailored to the recipient and how you received the business card. For me, it’s crucial that the recipient gets the information from my email signature, which includes all essential details and links to me and my services, as well as a link to my customer references.

Possible Email #2

After a brief welcome, introduce yourself and your occupation in detail. Maybe you have a digital portfolio that you can showcase to the potential new client. Think of it as a kind of cover letter. Nonetheless, I advise you to keep the message as concise as possible. No one reads messages the size of a small book…

Well, I have to get back to work now. I collected 15 business cards last night – now I need to send out some emails 😉

7 Tips When Receiving a Business Card

When you receive a business card from someone, don’t just save the contact information or store it away and forget about it. An effective way to utilize this connection is to write a short but interesting email. This allows you to build a good relationship and expand your network.

Here are some steps you can follow to write a successful response to a business card:

  • Research the contact: Before writing the email, research the contact and find out what they do. Explore the company’s website or look up the contact on LinkedIn or other social networks. This will give you a better understanding of who the contact is and what they might be interested in.
  • Use a professional greeting: Begin your email with a professional greeting, such as „Dear Mr./Mrs. [Name].“ Avoid informal or colloquial expressions.
  • Reference the business card: Remind the contact where you met and how you received the business card. For example: „We met at the [event/meeting/conference] in [location], and I received your business card.“
  • Express gratitude: Thank the contact for the opportunity to meet them and for providing their business card.
  • Share relevant information: Share relevant information about yourself, your company, or your services. This could be an opportunity to draw attention to interesting projects, collaborations, or opportunities.
    Ask questions: Ask questions to keep the conversation going and to learn more about the contact and their company. For example: „I’m curious about how your company approaches [topic]. Could you tell me more about it?“
  • Close the email: End the email with a friendly closing, such as „Best regards“ or „Sincerely,“ followed by your name and contact details.

By following these steps, you can write an effective response to a business card and build a successful relationship. Consider creating an email template to save time and be more efficient.

Your Business Card

To be successful with business cards, it’s essential that they are clear and professionally designed. Here are some quick tips to ensure your business cards make a good impression:

Keep the design simple and uncluttered. Avoid using too many colors, fonts, or graphics that can overwhelm the design.
Ensure your name and contact information are easily readable and easy to find. Use a clear font and an adequate font size.
If you have a logo, include it. It can help reinforce your brand and make the design more appealing.
Consider adding special features like QR codes or social media links. These can make it easier for recipients to get in touch with you.
Use high-quality paper and printing to achieve a professional look.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your business cards leave a positive impression and present yourself successfully.

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